Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What Is The Investment To Work With Andrew And His Team?
You may be wondering why you haven't found any information regarding the investment to work together. We'd love to share that however we can't work with everyone and the investment depends on many different factors, which we will evaluate on the call.

One thing is for sure; once we determine we can help you we never let finances get in the way. We've worked with low income earners as well as those on disability, or retired. We have a variety of payment options as little as $100/month.

Please understand, with the nature of how close we work with our clients, and that we are a professional healthcare clinic, and that we virtually guarantee you'll get to your goals, we are not as cheap as the fly-by-night, pills, shakes and powders programs. If you've made it this far, you've probably tried those, and are ready for a permanent transformation.

And the bonus... on average, our clients and their families save $300-$350 a month on groceries since they know exactly what to eat and how much. No more wasting money on trying different supplements. Just heal and thrive through whole food!

That's over $4000 a year!
Q: Isn't Losing Weight Fast Unhealthy?
Our typical results for women are 25-35 pounds of weight release in the first 6 weeks, and for men 40-60 pounds. This is very safe and healthy.

One of the biggest myths propagated by the fitness industry is that only 1-2 pounds of fat loss a week is healthy.

This is because when you force your body to lose weight through chronic intense exercise and low calorie restrictive diets, 1-2 pounds a week is the best result you can get.

The truth is, your body desperately wants to get rid of the inflammatory fat, as it knows how dangerous it is. The problem is it's too stressed and inflamed to be able to do so. It's waiting for the right signals.

When you heal the body, get rid of the inflammation and toxins, and send it the proper signals, the fat melts off, and in the process you feel amazing, without rebound weight gain.
Q: Are These Results Too Good To Be True?
Since our clients are mostly women in their 40s-70s who've tried everything else and cannot lose weight or keep it off, we hear this all the time. We've had over 550 women go through our process, with a 100% success rate. It is not only possible, it's easy. They all say, "If I can do it, so can you!"
Q: What's In The Spray?
Our spray was formulated by Andrew and a team of top homeopathic doctors. It's a blend of several homeopathic remedies that gently signal the body to heal. It also helps in reducing or eliminating cravings and emotional eating.

There are no side-effects, hormones, or interactions, and you don't need it for life.
Q: What About Loose Skin?
Our clients who've released 90 pounds or less have little to no issues with loose skin, since we are providing the body with lots of minerals and vitamins to maintain the elasticity and collagen of the skin, along with detoxing the body. That's why the women in the videos and photos look 10-20 years younger after only six weeks.

For those looking to release 100 pounds or more, loose skin is more likely.

Andrew is formulating a cream to repair and reverse loose skin, and will be offering it exclusively to clients. Surgery is also an option.
Q: How Many Calories Am I Eating On The Program?
As you've seen from the video above, there are 3 phases of the program: Loading, Releasing, and Maintenance. On the Loading phase, you will be consuming upwards of 5000 calories.

On the Releasing phase, we move away from calorie counting, and instead focus on portion sizes. You will be eating two large meals daily, both of which are delicious and satisfying. Our clients report very little to no hunger, and feel light, satisfied and energetic.

A big part of our philosophy is educating our clients on how to have a healthy relationship with food.

On maintenance, we have you increase your meals to three a day, and teach you to increase your food intake to match your new metabolism.

Once you've reached your goal weight, we will teach you how to re-introduce all the food you love back into your diet, while maintaining your new goal, without ever having to count calories again!